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artificial leather 人造革
baseball leather 棒球革
basketball leather 籃球革
bellow leather 風箱革
belt leather 帶皮
belting leather 帶革; 輪帶
book-binding leather 書面革
bottom leather 底革
boxing-glove leather 拳擊手套革
buck leather (雄)鹿革
buckle leather 帶用革
buffed leather 磨面革
butt leather 底革
card leather 梳革
case leather 箱皮
charred leather 皮炭
chamois leather 麂皮
chrome leather 鉻革
chrome tanned leather 鉻鞣革
clothing leather 服裝革
combination tanned leather 結合鞣制的革
combing leather 梳刷革
cow leather 牛皮
crown leather 上等皮革
crup leather 馬臀革
crust leather 坯革; 半硝革
cup leather 制動缸皮碗
diaphragm leather 隔膜革[皮]
dogskin leather 狗皮(制的)革
dressing leather 飾革
drum leather 鼓皮
drycleanable leather 耐乾洗革
easy-care leather 易保養革
embossed leather 壓花革
enamel leather 漆皮
enamelled leather 漆皮
fair leathe r集市皮革
fancy leather 美術革, 裝飾用革
finished leather 成革; 整飾過的皮革
football leather 足球革
football-helmet leather 橄欖球頭盔革
furniture leather 傢俱革
garment leather 衣服革
gas meter leather 氣表革
glace leather 白鞣革
glove leather 手套皮
hair-on leather 帶毛革
half leather 半皮面裝訂, 半革裝
harness leather 馬具革
hat leather 制帽革
hat sweatband leather 帽圈革
heavy leather 厚革
heel leather (鞋)後跟皮
hunting leather 粗絨面革
hydraulic leather 水壓機革(密封用革)
imitation leather 充牛皮裝訂, 漆布裝訂, 人造革裝訂
industrial leather 工業用革
iron tanned leather 鐵鞣革
japanned leather 漆皮
kangaroo leather 袋鼠革
kaspine leather 開斯賓革
levant leather 皺紋革; 摩洛哥革
light leather 輕革
line leather 馬具革
lining leather 襯裏革
luggage leather 箱包革
mountain leather 石棉
napped leather 絨毛皮革
oar leather 槳革
oil seal leather 油封革
oiled leather 塗油革
oil-tanned leather 油鞣革
organ-pipe leather 風琴管革
packing leather 皮碗
paper based artificial leather 紙基人造革
patent leather 漆皮
patent leather 漆革
piano leather 鋼琴革
piston packing leather 活塞填密皮
plated leather 熨壓皮革
portmanteau leather 旅行皮包革
rein leather 馬具革
rock leather 一種石棉
rolled leather 軋製革
roller leather 機軸革
rough-tanned leather 粗鞣革
rubbing leathers 【紡】搓條皮圈
Russia(n) leather 俄羅斯革
saddle leather 鞍皮[革]
saffian leather 山羊革; 摩洛哥革
scrap leather 廢皮; 碎皮
semi-aniline leather 半苯胺革
semi-chrome leather 混合鉻鞣革
sheep leather (綿)羊革
shrink leather 皺紋革
skirt leather 植物鞣牛皮坯革
slick-surfaced leather 光面皮革
soccerballleather 足球革
softleather 軟革
soleleather 底革
stirrup leather 鐙革
strop leather 磨刀皮革
suede leather 起毛皮革
sweat band leather (帽中)汗帶皮
synthetic leather 合成皮帶
textile machinery leather 紡織機用革
tie and dye leather 紮染革
two-tone leather 雙色調革
upholstery leather 裝飾用皮革
upper leather 面革
valve leather 閥皮
vegetable tanned sole leather 植物鞣鞋底革
velvet leather 正絨面革
zirconium tanned leather 鋯鞣革
volleyball leather 排球革
wash leather 可洗皮革
washable chamois leather 可洗麂皮
welting leather 鑲邊革; 貼邊革
white leather 白革; 礬鞣革